20 Trending Design Ideas For 3BHK Home Interior in Kochi

Trending Design Ideas For 3BHK Home Interior in Kochi

3BHK Home Interior Design Ideas in Kochi

The beauty of a home or apartment is that you could move in right away without having to prepare or construct anything. Nonetheless, the contents of your residence must maintain their uniqueness.

While most people choose to live in apartments because they are more convenient, it has become increasingly important to customise them with modern styles and natural charm, because it radiates the personality of the people who live there. If you are one of the many eager people wishing to have beautiful flat interiors in Kochi, we propose certain design tactics and inspirations that will have a significant impact on your life.

1. Decide Each Space’s Functionality

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What will you do with the spare bedrooms? What of the dining space’s extra room? Before you start creating, give each area a purpose to assist you select what bespoke structures to use.

2. Smart Space Solutions

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Even a small amount of space is valuable in Kochi’s city apartments. As a result, consider how to make the most of the available area. Consider the various vertical storage options available to you.

3. Utilitarian Furniture

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Even if you don’t like collapsible furniture, it might be really useful in study areas or guest suites. And don’t bother about looks; today’s furniture is wonderfully portable and space-saving.

4. Pocket Doors

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The charm of pocket doors lies not only in their unrivalled space-saving capabilities, but also in the way they split two segments without creating congestion. Moreover, when not being used, they slip back into the sidewalls, occupying far less room than doors opening in your face.

5. Use White

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The colour white is the latest trend. Utilising lighter colours not only expands the appearance of your 3 BHK Indian home, but also adds refinement. Cool colours are more accommodating of surface textures, wooden objects, and colourful paintings, in addition to being calming to the eye.

6. Wall Recesses

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To add to the beauty of your 3 BHK home, unearth recesses within the walls and display vintage trinkets, pots, or potted plants. Antique bowls, handcrafted artefacts, or an antiquated rotary phone can add a regal touch.

7. Lofty Windows

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Because lighting is so important in making your home appear larger, upgrading your window strategy seems like a no-brainer. Don’t be scared to try out the ceiling-high or enormous French windows and watch nature at work.

8. Glass Furniture

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When the floor is visible, it appears to be wider. Mirrored furniture, for example, is an excellent method to create the appearance of space while also bringing out the stronger colours of other items that should be highlighted.

9. Suspended Lighting

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Make use of your ceilings and hidden light fittings wherever possible, particularly in nooks and crevices. Suspended lights are an excellent alternative to crammed-in standing bulbs. Prolonged pendants, aside from being beautiful, tend to draw attention to a room’s elevation.

10. Large Mats

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Neutral-coloured carpets with lighter tones that extend all across area work beautifully to give your loungeroom the perfect combination of elegance and refinement. Stripes are another method to make rugs look more sophisticated.

11. Nesting Tables

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Nesting tables are intelligent furniture since they can be utilised independently when necessary and stacked together to create a centre coffee table for the living space.

12. Low-lying Furniture

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If you’re starting afresh with your apartment’s interior decoration, low-lying furniture is a good option, particularly in the sitting room. They not only offer refinement and flair, but they often make the ceilings look taller, making the area appear larger than it is.

13. Hardwood Furniture

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In Indian home design, hardwood furnishings are an essential part that expresses our imperial nostalgia. Maximise Indian workmanship by selecting classic items with arched backrest and legs, engravings, and inlay work in metals or ivory for a genuine aesthetic.

14. Thick Inlay Work

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They can also be used as storage containers because they are brightly painted and adorned with inlay artistry utilising glass, stones, ebony, or metal. To soften the ambiance of your settings, have them as accents alongside strong wood objects. Save heirloom furniture items and put them to proper use if you have them.

15. Informal Spaces for Relaxing

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Indian homes also provide a variety of informal spaces where people can socialise in a casual manner. Recliner chairs, couches, diwans, and bar stools can be used to create varied levels of seats. Carpets and floor pillows add a warm atmosphere to any room, and they may be used in a variety of ways.

16. Curios and Embellishments

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Dolls, clay pots, diyas, lambskin puppets, tableware, and ornate boxes made of rosewood, metals, or marble are also trendy options. Brass lights and jars can also be used as practical metallic accents.

17. Chettinad Furniture

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Chettinad furniture is traditionally made of teak, with elaborately braided cane seats. Brass embellishments, including the swing’s grips, brass lighting fixtures, and suspended lamps, add far more to the appeal of this furniture.

18. Be Folksy

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In India, it is said that the taste of meals varies every 50 kilometres. This law is applicable to local art as well . There are a number of possibilities available, whether it’s Maharashtraian Warli murals or Bihar’s Madhubani artistry. Why not incorporate traditional artistic traditions when designing home interiors since we have such a plethora of them? You may help local artists by commissioning a dramatic wall or selecting a wallpaper with desi designs.

19. Indian Patchwork

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Choose patchwork if you want to add a little more pizazz to the home’s décor. These mellow furnishings are available in a variety of colours, and they create distinctive and fashionable designs. Carpets, cushion covers, and tapestries are all typical examples of patchwork. Simply border a patchwork fabric and you’ve got yourself a statement wall.

20. Sacred Plants

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Having a range of plants in your home, whether indoor or outdoor, is always useful. Although having a tree inside your apartment may not always be possible, you can bring a pleasant energy flow into the home by keeping a tiny tulsi shrub or some lily flowers instead.

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