8 Nature-Friendly Balcony Decor Ideas

Nature Friendly Balcony Decor Ideas
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8 Green Friendly Balcony Decor Ideas

Balconies are sacred places because that’s where we turn to when we need some peace of mind. These outdoor and semi outdoor spaces deserve better attention and care because they help us unwind from our daily life. So why not give your safe haven a whole new look makeover? Your new beautiful balcony can become a hangout spot not just for you but for your kids and guests as well. Choosing eco-friendly design options are frequently recommended, not just because they are sustainable but because there are some great eco – friendly looks that you can execute in your balcony. Natural materials look effortlessly stunning and original, and also have a lot of personality. If you are looking to give your balcony a makeover, here are some lovely aesthetic balcony design ideas for India created in natural materials.

1. Pale Bamboo

1. Pale Bamboo
Source: Pixabay

Often combined with a Boho aesthetic, the Pale Bamboo is a classic theme. A space like this instantly stimulates joy and puts you in a good mood. Bamboo purifies the air to a great extent and it is a fast growing tree. In a sense then, bamboo promotes its own cultivation and helps the environment. For a balcony in India, this is a suitable look. You can create a bamboo shed-like structure or a pergola in your balcony to form the basic ambience. The looks and designs for the big structure may be chosen according to how sturdy you need it and its function. Go for a minimalist look with the help of simple designs in the same material. There are different varieties like the bentwood bamboo, with various looks and finishes. There are great options for lamps and lighting in bamboo, as well as other little accessories.For pots and decor, you may choose ceramic or terracotta in similar pale colors. While plants like cactus compliments this look most often, you can also get some patterned leaves that give a highlight.

2. Victorian Look with Ceramic and Wrought Iron

Victorian Look with Ceramic and Wrought Iron
Source: Unsplash

Some beautiful intricate designs are available in wrought iron. It is also a sustainable material. Use wrought iron planter stands and balcony furniture that accentuate the look. With some big greens, throw some planters in a Victorian style relief work. You can use wall lamps and pendants in a similar design aesthetic. Light some big fragrant candles in one corner, let some lush Bougainvillea vines climb across the walls, and you will be transported to London 1935 without a time machine.

3. Black and White Boho Look

 Black and White Boho Look
Source: Pixabay

This is a classy, timeless version of the classic Boho aesthetic. It screams both wild and sassy in the same sentence. Make sure every second object has a pattern or print on it, for this look. Use a lot of rugs, cushions and upholstery. You can also use quirky art pieces. In this look, everything that is big has to be simple, the smaller items come with details that fill the look. Keep the furniture minimalist. You can put a lot of succulents around, use Mughal style furniture. Fairy lights and scented candles will incredibly compliment the look and make it even cozier. 

4. Wicker for Vintage Charm

Wicker for Vintage Charm
Source: Pixabay

Another popular choice of material for outdoor use in balcony designs in India. Here, the trick is to use the weaves for everything, from furniture to planters and lights. An overwhelming use of the same pattern can elevate its look from regular to stunning. You can also play with the color in it. Choose a single color that you want to pair with this look. Take orange or indigo for example. Upholstery and decor accessories in orange or indigo will give a beautiful edge to the ambience. Make the space look even more lively by planning similar color flowers to plant around it. 

5. Earthy Materials and Tones

Earthy Materials and Tones
Source: Unsplash

Becoming eco friendly encompasses using materials that are nature-friendly on the balcony. This includes Terracotta pots, wooden flooring, stone décor, and rough woven furnishings to align better with nature. 

6. Potting Stations

Potting Stations
Source: Unsplash

If you want your balcony to look tidy, use a plotting station. You can hide the plant feed and tools in a cupboard, while the shelves can display prized plants. In this case, the whole balcony looks well kept and organized.

7. An Attractive Centerpiece

An Attractive Centerpiece
Source: Unsplash

Make sure that you have a rather large centerpiece like a wooden bench where you can read and relax. Make it eco friendly by adding many pots of tiny plants. Accessorize with some scattered fairy lights and a hanging lantern to enhance the effect of the centrepiece.

8. Shady Plants for the Balcony

Shady Plants for the Balcony
Source: Unsplash

Herbs such as mint, parsley, dill, sorrel, etc. lavender, Artemisia, etc., are plants that can be kept in balconies because they have more shade. Plants with silver foliage are also good to be grown in the shade as they reflect sunlight. However, the plants that you choose are largely dependent on the personality that you want to lend to the balcony. Keeping in mind the need of water conservation, it is a wise idea to keep plants that require very little water. Make it a point to use only recycled greywater for the plants in your balcony. It is important to select those plants that bring the right amount of drama into your balcony space,if you want to transform your balcony into an eco-friendly haven.


It has become easier these days to go green with luxury. Your balcony will turn into the calming haven that you want it to be With all of these ideas in place. Other green ideas include keeping drought-resistant plants and grey and resistant plants. Outdoor spaces like balconies may be small, but decorating them the right way using flowers and greenery add charm to your home and enhance the exterior design. Green plants and flora are the best and cheapest outdoor decor. Add comfy seating, preferably wooden and some fairy lights.

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