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You may have the best product or service in the town but if the interiors of your space are outdated or boring, it may reduce the pour in of the customers. What’s the result? Your customers shop elsewhere and your business sees a downward growth. Smart businesses understand this and use their interiors as a smart business tool. How about you?

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  • Do you have a store/office in Kolkata where we can visit?

    Yes, in Kolkata, we have a store and factory in Bonogram and a show flat in Chetla. Customers can walk in to check the designs, quality, and finish of our modular furniture.

  • What is your interior design process in Kolkata, West Bengal?

    We encourage you to visit our Zad Store in Bonogram, Joka. Here you see our products and finishes. Then you share your floor plan and we give an estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we charge you 10% of the estimate and design process starts. We design your 2D layout, 2D elevation and once you approve this, we give you the final 3D rendering. The design process takes about 30 days.

  • Will you manufacture at home or at your factory?

    All furniture and cabinets are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Joka, Bonogram. Customers are welcome to visit and check the designs and finish of our modular furniture. 

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    All modular furniture comes with upto 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It covers:

    - De-lamination or peeling of laminates.

    - Surface bubbles on the laminate surface.

    - Fitting issues such as gaps or overlaps.

    - Rust warranty on hardware.

    - Warranty on appliances and allied services will be the same as that offered by the original manufacturer of the components. Any issue must be directly addressed to the manufacturer as indicated by them.

    - Manufacturing defects of kitchen accessories

  • What is your interior design charge?

    Once you confirm our estimate, we take 10% of the estimate value and start the design process.

  • How long does it take to finish the complete interior design work?

    Usually, the projects are completed in 3 weeks - 45 days and handed over. Based on the complexity, we will communicate the project completion time at the start of the engagement itself. 

  • What is the plywood you will be using?

    Based on the customer preferences and budget, we recommend ply. We work with BWP (Marine Ply - 710 Grade), BWR ( 303 Grade ), HDF, MDF, etc.

    We also have ready made designs using engineered wood (particle board). 

  • What is MDF, and where do you use it?

    Medium-density fibreboard is used to manufacture home interior furniture. Because of its smooth finish and binding capabilities, they work extremely well with modular furniture. 

  • Do you provide paint and false ceiling services?

    Yes, we do provide painting and false ceiling as well. Customers can share their preferences, and accordingly, the team will take care of it. 

  • What is the cost of interior design in Kolkata, West Bengal?

    The cost will depend upon varied factors like carpet area, materials used, accessories, etc. Our economy packages starts at 2BHK - 2.60 Lakhs*, 3BHK - 4.38Lakhs, 4BHK - 4.75 Lakhs*. Check your interior design estimation using our easy to use a calculator - Click Here 

  • What accessories will I get in a standard modular kitchen?

    Accessories selection is based on the customer requirements and space availability. The standard kitchen comes with commonly used accessories like a Cutlery tray, bottle pullout, thali basket, plain basket, and detergent pullout. Additionally, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens can consider corner solutions for better space utilization. 

  • Do you supply Chimney & Hob?

    Yes, we recommend brands/models based on customer requirements and, if needed, help in sourcing.  

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Best Corporate & Commercial Interior Designer In Kolkata

Commercial spaces are the places that are zoned for business activities and often the destinations for fulfilling people's necessities. This includes shopping centres, malls, hotels and lounges, retail stores, restaurants and bars, banks, hospitals, hotels, movie theatres, café and coffee shops, spas and salons, and everything in between. A good and well-designed commercial interior can captivate the customer’s attention and persuade them to enter the space, adding value to the business and bringing financial gain.

Unlike the interiors of the residential spaces, commercial ones demand an exclusive combination of revolutionary aesthetics with a lot of functionality. If their interiors go wrong, it may not provide the necessary stimuli to boost the purchasing behaviours of the people and in turn, can hurt your merchandise very much. Bringing a commercial interior design firm, which is familiar with the technical know-how along with good industry knowledge, on-board can be a smart idea.

Interiors That Best Suits Your Space

Many types of buildings exist, so are the interior designs. The design which suits a small retail shop may not work for a big restaurant and can be completely fatal for a corporate office. So, the biggest concern is creating interior designs – that are relish-able and not regrettable! The brilliant commercial interior designers in Kolkata can help you with special themes that firmly connect your interiors with your business and most importantly with your brand image.

The very basic fact of life is "Too much of anything is good for nothing". This holds true for your interiors too! And with respect to a commercial space, be it a shopping centre or a takeaway café, avoiding eye-soring clutters is a definite plus. Because, overdoing a commercial space with too much stuff can kill the entire aesthetics of the place and make it look cramped - surely not a look you are after! Knowing to differentiate the right accessories from wrong can help enrich the space. The interior design genies in Kolkata are prolific at it! They fill the space with what serves most of your purposes and the basic branding parameters to convert your commercial space into an incredible one - which you desired!

Errors in corporate and commercial interiors are always costly and stressful. It can be the wrong choice of wall colour, too big or small furniture selection or any worst decorating decisions. It should be understood that even a single and small entity has the ability to make or break the look of the space. So, preparing a clear idea and scrutinizing it from various aspects when the project is at the construction phase is necessary to avoid big interior design mistakes. In fact, the interior designing for corporate and commercial spaces begins early - when the project is on the planning table - as the buildings require unique infrastructural facilities to better manage a huge amount of foot traffic every day. In a nutshell, planning is everything! The professional corporate interior design companies can help you achieve this by keeping a keen eye on every detail of your space – be it either commercial or corporate.

With every business having its focus on the "B" word – Branding in everything they do, interiors are not going to be a subject of omission. Infusing branding into interiors can help radiate the brand message and distinguish it from its competitors. Understanding its potential benefits, the commercial interior design firms in Kolkata incorporate all the must-haves and feature all the essentials that reflect your brand's values.

Upgrades Are The Boosts

Remodelling – this word can be often heard in the world of interior designing. When it comes to commercial spaces, this magical word can convert a failing business into a booming one by bringing the business under the spotlight. The great way to renovate your space is to hire one of the best commercial interior design companies in Kolkata. By understanding all your inclinations, they help spruce up your commercial space as visually interesting and ergonomics rich place that attracts potential customers and shoots up your business.

Flexible To Assemble:

Out of umpteen tactics to step up your business game, interiors is definitely a winner. Opt for it! Just choose the right commercial or corporate interior design firm that has the calibre to conceptualize the spaces with great ideas as you envisioned it to be. What next! Stun your customers and give them an experience of a lifetime which is hard to forget – they will be yours!

Customised Design:

The design of your modular kitchen can be customised based on your needs, tastes, colours, patterns, available space and most importantly your budget. They can be custom designed to match the theme of your entire home too. When your kitchen is personalised to your taste, cooking becomes easy and fun.

Elegant Look:

Whether it’s a small foyer space or big living room, its look cannot be compromised. Then why should the look of your kitchen? When you make your kitchen modular, it gets a luxurious and elegant look. Collaborating with one of the talented modular kitchen interior designers in Kolkata can help you get the best and attractive look for your kitchen.

Easy Maintenance:

As we all know, cleaning and maintaining a traditional kitchen space by clearing all the mess is a time consuming and back-breaking job. However, when you install a modular kitchen, you no longer need to suffer with this tiring task of cleaning!! Yes, modular kitchen layouts make your cleaning work easy and effortless as they come with more flat surfaces. When your kitchen gifts you some extra time, you can better spend it on preparing delicacies or sweets for your kids. Isn’t it?

With so many advantages, a modular kitchen can be a clear choice for you and your lovable family. Hire a professional modular kitchen interior designer and gift yourself the best modular kitchen in Kolkata. What’s next? Prepare finger-licking pasta or delicious cake in no time and fill both the tummy and heart of your family.

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