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The interior design of your office has lots to do with your company and its growth. It motivates your employees, fuels productivity, invites business associates, impresses your clients, etc. So the interiors and ambiance of your office being agile, functional and aesthetics rich is inevitable. To do this magic, a box of design tricks is needed!

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  • Do you have a store/office in Kolkata where we can visit?

    Yes, in Kolkata, we have a store and factory in Bonogram and a show flat in Chetla. Customers can walk in to check the designs, quality, and finish of our modular furniture.

  • What is your interior design process in Kolkata, West Bengal?

    We encourage you to visit our Zad Store in Bonogram, Joka. Here you see our products and finishes. Then you share your floor plan and we give an estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we charge you 10% of the estimate and design process starts. We design your 2D layout, 2D elevation and once you approve this, we give you the final 3D rendering. The design process takes about 30 days.

  • Will you manufacture at home or at your factory?

    All furniture and cabinets are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Joka, Bonogram. Customers are welcome to visit and check the designs and finish of our modular furniture. 

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    All modular furniture comes with upto 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It covers:

    - De-lamination or peeling of laminates.

    - Surface bubbles on the laminate surface.

    - Fitting issues such as gaps or overlaps.

    - Rust warranty on hardware.

    - Warranty on appliances and allied services will be the same as that offered by the original manufacturer of the components. Any issue must be directly addressed to the manufacturer as indicated by them.

    - Manufacturing defects of kitchen accessories

  • What is your interior design charge?

    Once you confirm our estimate, we take 10% of the estimate value and start the design process.

  • How long does it take to finish the complete interior design work?

    Usually, the projects are completed in 3 weeks - 45 days and handed over. Based on the complexity, we will communicate the project completion time at the start of the engagement itself. 

  • What is the plywood you will be using?

    Based on the customer preferences and budget, we recommend ply. We work with BWP (Marine Ply - 710 Grade), BWR ( 303 Grade ), HDF, MDF, etc.

    We also have ready made designs using engineered wood (particle board). 

  • What is MDF, and where do you use it?

    Medium-density fibreboard is used to manufacture home interior furniture. Because of its smooth finish and binding capabilities, they work extremely well with modular furniture. 

  • Do you provide paint and false ceiling services?

    Yes, we do provide painting and false ceiling as well. Customers can share their preferences, and accordingly, the team will take care of it. 

  • What is the cost of interior design in Kolkata, West Bengal?

    The cost will depend upon varied factors like carpet area, materials used, accessories, etc. Our economy packages starts at 2BHK - 2.60 Lakhs*, 3BHK - 4.38Lakhs, 4BHK - 4.75 Lakhs*. Check your interior design estimation using our easy to use a calculator - Click Here 

  • What accessories will I get in a standard modular kitchen?

    Accessories selection is based on the customer requirements and space availability. The standard kitchen comes with commonly used accessories like a Cutlery tray, bottle pullout, thali basket, plain basket, and detergent pullout. Additionally, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens can consider corner solutions for better space utilization. 

  • Do you supply Chimney & Hob?

    Yes, we recommend brands/models based on customer requirements and, if needed, help in sourcing.  

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Best Office Interior Designers In Kolkata

Offices are the buzzing and happening space where millennial spends most of their time today. When it comes to the interior designing of the office, it should cater to the tastes and needs of all its occupants – employees, clients or business associates. Though the options for turning your office space elegant are endless, the clutter it carries in executing the same remains massive. This mammoth task of creating more appealing yet functional office space can be pulled off dexterously by professional office interior designers in Kolkata.

There are multi-faceted companies in Kolkata with each of them specializing in various verticals. The office interior design which works for one company may not work for the other. So, the real challenge lies in etching up a unique design that portrays the company's idea without hampering its goals and values. Sometimes brainstorming such a brand-shouting design may look beyond the bounds of possibility. However, it is possible to design your office interiors, all the way from reception to cabinetry, reflecting the vision of your company by just adding in the sense of exclusivity which your brand stands out with.

Great thoughts sprout up in great places. So, the office space should be made enlivening by sprucing up every typical element to boost the mood and creativity of the employees which not only increases their performance but also hikes the profitability of the brand. The office space interior designers smarten up the premises with fine entities like perfect cubicles for focused work, convenient cabinets for files access, well-suited tables for collaboration, etc.

Interior designing does not end with fixtures and furnishings; it also involves space utilization, illumination, ceiling, storage, etc. The office interior designers ensure proper consideration of all these elements, right from the planning stage to avoid costly mistakes in the future. They also follow design strategies with a prime focus on fine acoustics and adequate lighting to develop an environment that is free from any kind of distraction for the employees and also enhance their productivity. In short, they design every nook and corner of the space by finely balancing spectacular interiors and rich designs that resonate with the needs of the company.

Gone are the days where the office had only desks and chairs; modern day offices are flooded with an amazing array of fancy facilities like sleep pod, relaxing breakout space, café, etc. making it a true wonderland! Your office can feature them too!

Roping in an office interior designer is budget savvy way to execute interiors. They reduce your burden of hiring different professionals for executing each task of painting, plumbing, and so on. Being a one-stop solution for all these needs, they help finish your work efficiently and most importantly save your pocket from draining.

Best Office Interior Decorators In Kolkata

The days have passed away when people thought that decoration was just for the home, not for the workplace. Now, they realize decorating the interiors of the office space is an excellent way of adding value to it and growing business by attracting clients. And acceptably, interior decoration makes the space more modern, more innovative and more fascinating. The expert office interior decorators in Kolkata can add oodles of creativity and open new horizons to transform your office into a space that is nothing less than stunning. They have the capability to amplify the interiors with perfect decor ideas by giving it an exceptional makeover which leaves everyone spellbound with its beauty.

The world of interior designing evolves every now and then. What had been in the trend yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. So, when everything changes at lightning speed, why should your office space still have a boring look? Think about remodelling! The office interior designers in Kolkata also come up with great remodelling ideas, which never go out of fashion, to redefine and fine tune your office space with an exquisite finish.

The office interior designers in Kolkata create magnetic spaces that invite business through their unhindered levels of imagination and dedication. So if you are planning to design or decorate your office space, do it in the best possible manner with professional help! Getting the right office interior designer with a stellar portfolio which matches your vision is half the job done!

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