18 Bedroom Color Styles and Techniques By Dulux Paints

18 Bedroom Color Styles and Techniques By Dulux Paints

Bedroom Color Styles & Techniques

With the shift in weather and the arrival of summer’s kaleidoscope of hues, it’s time to say goodbye to the mild shivers of spring and enjoy the colors of this lovely season. The brilliance of the daybreak, the crispness of the green foliage, and the vitality of the season should not be confined to the exteriors, but should also be reflected in your homes. Let us take a look at the best summertime colour palettes and techniques to use in your bedroom to make it look as fresh as the season.

1. Bonnie Belle

Bonnie Belle
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Summer is associated with a vast variety of flowers in blossom. Consider a dazzling coral shade that will light up any room. This summer, liven up your bedroom with a classic coral wall to lend it a splash of colour and the enthusiasm of the season. Bonnie Belle and Tea Dance are two of Dulux’s popular hues.

2. Purple for the Win

Purple for the Win
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In a few sweeps, using the characteristic Daring France Shade in its most sophisticated manner, can elevate your bedroom to an exceptional level. You could try a combination of (soft) violet tones, such as Daring France and Vogue Violet, or just make a single accent wall with neutrals.

3. Dazzling Jewel Tones for Decadence

Dazzling Jewel Tones for Decadence
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Looking for a unique way to implement the warmth of early summer? There’s the obvious vivacity of jewel tones like Rich Thailand and Olde Hunter to choose from. These colors will bring a distinct accent to your bedroom as well as a brighter approach to help it pop. This is a very European way of bringing summer into your bedroom.

4. Woods and Whites

Woods and Whites
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White hues are the technique to go for if you want to create the illusion of a bigger space, a seamless passage of daylight, and plenty of aesthetic ventilation. Wooden pieces can be used in the décor to give it a rustic feel. If you want to go the simplified approach, Dulux’s classic White on White and Belgium Lace are fantastic colour alternatives to consider.

5. Warm Woody Hues

Warm Woody Hues
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When it comes to summertime, the typical color scheme is one of warm hues. If you only want to make minor modifications to the area via an accent wall, the easiest strategy is to go with summery colours that suit neutral surfaces. Grey Squirrel, Scroll Beige, and Century Brown are excellent choices for this design.

6. Go Green

Go Green
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Fresh greens exude summer more than anything else. Green may provide a spark of distinction to your walls by infusing the atmosphere with vitality and the horizon with colours. Shades like Sweet Success and Glass Green are good choices if you want softer, more subdued tones. Ivy or Cape Maryland are good choices if you want to integrate somewhat darker colours.

7. Warm Earthy Hues for the Season

Warm Earthy Hues for the Season
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Whenever it comes to introducing summers to your wall, rich earthy hues are highly effective. Carotene, Yellow Fervor, Earth Star Diamond and Casino Gold are all excellent choices. In essence, they are calm, balancing, and transitory.

8. Bright Colours

Bright Colours
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You can use bright colors while blending them in with the rest of the room’s elements. Daring Spain, Tender Rose, and Secrets are just a few of Dulux’s vibrant colours that may help you embrace summer in style. You could integrate the room together with a couple of coordinating interior pieces.

9. Tan or Burnt Siena Hues

Tan or Burnt Siena Hues
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The use of a tan bedroom or scorched sienna walls creates an invigorating atmosphere while also adding sophistication to the area. The cushioned headboard and neutral-toned cotton linens give a relaxing space to relax after a long day’s work.

10. White Vitality

White Vitality
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White wall paint that is sharp and clean is truly classic. To give it a summertime feel, pair it with wooden furniture and ash grey furnishings. White is a timeless colour that never goes out of style. It indeed makes the rooms appear larger and brightens up the bedroom. It’s the most adaptable appearance for all seasons, not just the summer.

11. Mint Green

Mint Green
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This bright colour gives the impression of being in a tropical location. Your fatigued nerves will be soothed and rejuvenated by the soothing green colour. It not only improves your mood, but it also provides your room a cool, inviting, and spacious sense.

12. Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow
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Don’t be alarmed by the thought of colouring your bedroom yellow. Allow the Golden Light to envelop you by painting a door, a window, or a single wall. The colour yellow illuminates and lightens up the space. It brightens your day and doesn’t make your room feel drab or uninviting. It gives the piece a sense of vitality and energy. The gold contrasts beautifully with the yellow.

13. Orange Pop

Orange Pop
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Dawn Glow is the best pick for you but if you’re a creative individual who wants to experience a pop as soon as you step into your room. These tangerine-colored walls create a dramatic backdrop against which you can hang your paintings and make it stand out.

14. Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey
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Light Grey/Smoke Grey might be the perfect colour for a beautiful family-friendly residence, especially if you’ve got some quirky furniture and décor to the mix to play up the colour scheme of the entire room. These colours are more intricate and less stark than a basic white, yet they’re still subtle enough not to draw attention to themselves.

15. Paint the Blues Away

Paint the Blues Away
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Light blues, such as Phiroza and Sky Blue, have recently become quite desirable paint choices for houses. The high-gloss finish gives an added boost to these already trendy colours, which also offers a regal accent to your area.

16. Pistachio Greens

Pistachio Greens
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This subtle shade is the epitome of temperance when it comes to strong, out-of-the-box colours. A painted fireplace and a lime-washed pistachio wall offer just enough brightness and complexity to make a statement while remaining minimalist.

17. Seal the Teal

Seal the Teal
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Super Forest Green and Aquamarine, for example, are classic teal tones that offer your space a very beachy and soothing atmosphere. Ensure to contrast it with some creamy neutral décor, such as a mirror, table, or chair. The trick to making a small area feel lively is to use contrast.

18. Light Shades

Light Shades
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Suede and Blue Bell White are soft colours that lend warmth to any little room. The key is to use them sparingly so that they don’t take up too much of your room. To create a powerful Instagram-worthy aesthetic, couple them with a rustic cottage core décor and a lovely pattern rug.

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